Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Camp: Week 2

To quickly finish up last week's program, fencing camp with the cold blooded, heartless Russian instructor (according to 9, I myself loved her!), by Wednesday Jakob began to embrace the camp. By Friday, he liked it. Though Russian instructor conceded that "9 is very stubborn" they won each other over and developed mutual affection. Was he transformed? I don't think so. Can I get my money back? I don't think so.

Week 2: Lego camp.

9 LOVED it! When I picked him up at the end of each day he was happy and would even spend a few extra minutes adding wonderful touches to his giant yellow pyramid. Was he hot and sweaty by end of day? Not on your life! My nerdy little boy was in heaven. This camp would horrify the Russian fencing instructor.

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