Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm surprised the Brothers Ford didn't quarantine us, but they probably don't know how to spell the word

Completely wiped out - we have been hit hard by a summer flu.

First 9 was laid low but surprisingly for only a few days, he totally could have milked it for longer.

14 was hit really hard and now that food finally stays where it belongs, I'm desperately trying to get him to eat anything to pack on some of the weight he's lost this past week.

Good thing parents are used to poo and vomit, not usually from such a large source of course, because it's amazing how fast old habits return and how efficient you immediately become ... and how adept at mouth breathing.

Also helpful? That I'm still barely sleeping so tend to wander the house at night which comes in useful when sheets need to be changed and tossed in the washing machine and backs rubbed as children are found slumped over the toilet bowl.

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