Thursday, March 3, 2011

Family meeting

Last night we had a family meeting with the boys to talk about some of the pressing issues in our home and also to remind them of the rules: no porn surfing on computers, no drugs, stop the constant wrestling and swearing and breaking of my things before I lose my mind AGAIN... usual stuff. All comments were met with derision and eye rolling and 14 (I've decided to call my sons 14 and 9, their ages) would comment "not going to happen" after each. 

Shoot, I forgot to include one biggie - if poo falls on the floor, for whatever reason, instead of making it into the toilet, PICK IT UP!  Why does a girl even have to mention that? 

Anyway, back to the meeting. We ended with typing up the most critical issues and are treating it as a contract and signing in blood.

I figure I might get 24 hours of peace including sleep time and kids being in school but then I've always been a crazy optimist.

Good news! I have a couple of bathroom tips for all mothers who have only boys: 1) keep containers of disinfecting wipes by each toilet to protect yourself before using, and 2) always pour yourself a drink when feeling the need to go rid the bathroom floor of poo - the drink makes it a far more civilized experience.

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